Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little R&R

First of all, thank you for your well-wishes! I am close to be done with my antibiotics treatment for my strep/ear infection, and although it did take a few days to fix my sore throat, I am definitely feeling better. My painful neck kept bugging me through the weekend, but today it's 90% pain free. I have to think that they were indeed all related. Fellow knitters, beware of nagging neck pain -- it may not be from knitting too much. When in doubt, see your doctor!

We were in Fort Bragg again over the weekend. I enjoyed our trip there in February so much so that I wanted to go back there again. Everyone was still recovering from whatever that hit us last week, but it sure was wonderful to get away. Nothing major on agenda, just a relaxing three-day trip by the beach -- I surely needed that.

I love the sound of the ocean -- who wouldn't? And here, it was the only sound I could hear.

I wish I could do this every weekend! I'd love to plan another trip there in the fall. Oh yes, we did go back to the wonderful restaurant, Mendo Bistro. Mitch fell asleep at the table. A few minutes of peace.

Unfortunately, they don't serve the amazing Crab Cakes in the summer -- if you think about it, of course, it should be seasonal, especially if they are good. When we were there in February, they were not good -- they were great, excellent, and amazing. Here's another reason to go back there.

We also made another visit to the local yarn store, Navarro River Knits. I bought some sock yarn and Kurikol rovings. I'd never heard of Kurikol, but from the look of it, it looks very similar to the natural brown pencil roving Nancy gave me. Can't wait to spin it!

Here are the pictures of the Bunny Socks. It really was a suspense -- when I started the toe decrease on the second sock, it seemed that it was unanimous among the knitters and Charlie that I would run out of the yarn.

The white ring-like object is the mohair I was coupling with Lang BEBE, which, as shown in the photo, just a few meters (not even, maybe) left....

Amazing! I've finished it with less than a meter of Lang BEBE to spare. This is the closest I came to running out of yarn at the end. I actually have another ball of this yarn, so I am going to knit another pair, just slightly shorter! I've bought a ball of light pink Chrystal Palace Kid Mohair to go with it. It'll be mighty girly :-)

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Stefaneener said...

What a great trip! Nice socks and way to live dangerously with that yarn!