Monday, June 11, 2007


No, it's not the number on the visitor counter :-)

Sunday, before we got out to the park, I put a pedometer on Mitch. By the time he went to bed in the evening, the number on the pedometer was 13,808. So, today I put it on me all day. It's less than 6,000! I need more exercise.

Speaking of the visitor counter, now I know who one of two "regulars" is! It's "Hojo" from Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos, the host of the Yarn Harlot event last year. What a wonderful surprise. Now I have to figure out who another one is, from Okayama Japan.... Drop me a hint?

Did you knit in public last Saturday? I surely did, at Wine and Art Festival in downtown Novato. Sadly, I saw no other knitters, and no one asked me what I was knitting. Just an hour or so at the festival and Mitch wanted to go home. What a bummer.... So no photos for this post.

I have had a pretty bad ache in my neck for over a week now, and now it's coming up to the left side of my head and pulsating. I don't feel much like knitting. That's just not normal....
Hopefully I'll have more interesting post soon!

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