Monday, June 04, 2007

Visitor Counter Blues

When we started this blog, I didn't think much of it. I always loved to write, and having a place to write about knitting and other things (I wasn't spinning then) seemed like fun. It was, and still is.

I got curious about finding out how many visitors we were getting. So I signed up with the visitor counter. I'm not sure now if it was such a good idea.

I check the counter several times a day. The counter never goes beyond the single-digit -- a day, mind you, not an hour. I realize that a half of the visitors is me. How depressing.

(My handspun for the vest project -- is it too colorful?)

And then I wonder why it has to be ever depressing. I started blogging for fun and to have a place to write. Even when no one's visiting, I still enjoy it. I am a terrible record keeper for my knitting and spinning, but now I have those on our blog. No misplacing the notes.

But still. If no one comes, why am I blogging? (Sadly, If you build it, they will come wasn't true.)

While I was in Japan in May, I gave the URL to my brother.
My brother and I were close growing up. We went to the same high school, and then to two universities in Tokyo that were in walking distance. We met for lunch sometimes.

After college we went different ways -- very different, indeed. I across the Pacific. Marriages, break-ups, kids. Have kept a very little contacts.

Last weekend, a visitor from Japan came to our blog. It was my brother.
Never thought knowing him coming to read what I had written made me so warm and fuzzy.

(Mitch's cool Japanese T-shirt)

Mitch wants to go see Uncle Jin again. Will plan another trip this summer....

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HoJo said...

Does it count visitors through bloglines, 'cause I usually read through there and don't go directly to the blog, except when I come over to comment ;}.