Thursday, June 14, 2007

Demise of Yarn Stores

What knitters wouldn't dream about opening their own yarn store? Yet it's rare to see yarn stores doing well. In my short (second-round) knitting life, I've already seen several local yarn stores went out of business -- Yarn Collection in Mill Valley, which kick-started my stash. Knitting Workshop in Sebastopol, which was Liz's favorite. I heard about a month ago that the fairly new store in Mill Valley called Studio Knit was also closed.

Then today, on my daily visit on DeStash -- I made a sad discovery. They had decided to call it quit. What a bummer!

I did wonder why such site can continue -- the hosts weren't charging any fees, but they were maintaining the site for free. Apparently that became too much. So their reason is obviously very different from the ones that caused the local yarn stores to close their doors. Still, one less place to visit and shop, and I did enjoy site....

Support your favorite yarn store (hopefully local business)!

Today my son turns four! It's also Yarn Harlot's birthday. My son is destined to be a knitter :-)


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Speaking of lys closings, there's been a derth of them here in the East Bay:
Skein Lane in El Cerrito (though she's still teaching)
Yarn in Alameda (she's totally gotten out of the retail business)
Creative Accents in San Leandro
Tuscany Yarn in Alameda - though the former owner of Creative Accents may buy this store w/a partner depending on what the Tuscany Yarn's widower decides.

(one of your regular readers, though not a frequent commenter)

Tamami said...

Sad, isn't it? But do we give up on owning a yarn store? Nah.
Thanks for coming to visit! I visit your blog too.

Stefaneener said...

Oh, yes, and I know a woman who was trying to negotiate for Tuscany's lease. . . she's looking in Piedmont. So there's hope, I suppose. It's a tough biz.