Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I've finished my Lotus Blossom Tank last Sunday. I think it looks great -- if you don't look at the details.

The part where the shoulders join the front didn't come out as well as I had hoped. And the first leaf of the lace pattern is a mess. But -- this still is the most challenging, and most wearable item I've ever knitted!

Yarn -- brand-less yarn named "Bamboo", 70% bamboo 30% cotton. I bought this while we were in Japan in June. 4 1/2 balls, about 225 grams. Needles -- started with bamboo circular US 5, but it went faster when I changed it to Knitpicks Options circular US 4. Much less yarn split. Duration -- I think I started this in mid July, so it took me well over a month. I'd still be working on this if it wasn't for our Knit Night!

Have you ever seen this yarn? Who makes it? This is the first time I knitted bamboo yarn, but I love the feel. I thought it was much easier to knit compared to cotton.

Unfortunately the summer is winding down in Northern California -- it's been quite cool. Hopefully we'll have a long Indian Summer!

I've returned to knit socks last night. I did some spinning this evening. (I'm on the second bobbin!) What I need is more time... More.... More....

I'm so looking forward to Knit Night Friday!!


ryou. said...

Dear Tatami,

Thank you for comment on my diary! I read your work very happy, too. Yarn is the same,Bamboo!I love this yarn,knitting and wearing feeling.How about you?
I knit everyday,but only short time. I look forward to reading your diary from now on. Please please do its best!

ryou. said...

Tamami, hello.
It became late, but congratulations on completion. The yarn "bamboo" that you used is the same as me. Thank you for comment in my diary! However, I make a mistake in a name and am sorry.

By the way,I knit every day. But only in few time. How about you?
I look forward to your next work!

Tamami said...

Thank you Ryou-san! I'm glad to find another knitter who used the same "mystery" yarn on the same project. We may be the only two with this combination.
I really like the yarn, and I may try to find it when I go back to Japan next time.
Yes, I too knit every day, but usually only an hour or two a day. I see you have a little girl -- I have a three years old boy, and I work, so it's hard to find the time to sit down to knit. This is the common problem for all of Designated Knitters. Come visit again soon!

jessknits said...

I can't belive anyone else has this yarn! I bought a ton when I was in Kyoto and have been desperately trying to buy more- I even wrote to the store I bought it from many times but got no response. Did you buy your in the states? Where? Here's a post on my blog about it. http://www.jessknits.com/?p=67

I am happy to see your LBT also- I've seen a lot of mixed reviews online and am debating if I should make it or not- it was going to be a gift for a larger busted friend but that seems to be a problem with this top.


Tamami said...

Hi Jess, I bought this yarn in Japan. I plan to go to Japan again in few weeks, and I'm pretty sure I can find it. Would you like me to get some for you?
WRT the LBT and larger bust, Yarn Harlot commented the same when she saw me wearing it at her book signing last year! Erin was about to offer stuffing some yarn into my chest to see how that would look on bigger bust :-)