Wednesday, August 23, 2006

S. A. B. L. E

Charlie, Tamami's partner, has just started weaving. He bought a loom for me three years ago, right after we had our son. Well, thank you, but you think I have the time to learn how to weave? So I decided that this is what I would take on when I quit working. I stashed the box unopened in the garage, thinking that I'd concentrate on my new project -- our son.

While my son and I were in Japan visiting Grandma this summer, Charlie opened the box and assembled the loom, and started weaving. We should have known that leaving him home alone was dangerous.

He is a man of a million hobbies -- and he has the tendency to get into things way deep. He has since acquired an inkle loom, and the S.A.B.L.E -- Stash acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.

Twenty-five + pounds of unmercedized cotton. Uh....
All in the sudden I feel better about my yarn stash.

Progress report -- I've worked on the Lotus Blossom Tank last night, and finished one arm trim.

Hmmm... While taking this picture, I noticed that the shoulder parts are uneven. The left shoulder is longer (higher) than the right. I am starting to notice more and more problems as I get closer to the finish. Darn.

I will work on the other shoulder tonight and see if I have to redo it, but Designated Knitters know I'd never rip it.

My son's preschool is closed this Friday, and I'm taking a day off from work to be with him. I may visit Erin and the kids :-) then I have my first spinning lesson Saturday morning. It'll be a fun weekend, but I just wish it was the Knit Night Friday!

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Erin said...

Wow Tamami, great blogs!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the photos (maybe just because I love Mitch), and it's so cool that Charlie's stash is bigger than yours!