Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's just the beginning...

Woo Hoo! We're very excited because we have a knitting group, we've gotten together two evenings, we've had a great time, and we now have a blog!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself and hopefully the rest of the group will also introduce themselves for the people who do not know us. My name is Erin. I live in Novato, California with my husband and three sons. I have always wanted to try knitting, and finally last fall I jumped in and haven't stopped since. I'm loving it. My current projects that are on the needles are a wool baby blanket, and two feather and fan shawls.

The other members of our group are Tamami, Huguette and Liz. Ladies, please take a moment to introduce yourself...

Our first knit night was very exciting. Huguette and I have been knitting together for months now once or twice a week, and we even practice "virtual knitting" (both of us knitting in our own homes talking on speakerphone). However, this first real Knit Night included Liz and Tamami. This was quite a big occasion for Tamami since it was her first time out doing something for herself since her son was born just over 3 years ago! Now that she's tasted the sweet freedom, I don't think she'll ever miss a Knit Night. Liz brought her daughter with her and she and my boys stayed up late watching movies. We've got to figure out how to get them to bed earlier in order to keep peace in our households the next day.

We had a great time talking, laughing and knitting. During the evening, I offered margaritas to everyone, but we decided that if we started drinking, we might need a designated knitter to fix any errors the alcohol may cause. Hence, our name - the Designated Knitters

Our second knit night was last night, and once again we loved it! We had fun talking about our favorite male actors, the movies that we'd watch over and over, and discussing the SeaSock Cruise that Tamami introduced to us. Hmmm...cruising with other knitters, talking about knitting, learning about knitting and actually knitting WITHOUT KIDS - sounds like utopia to me! Some of my favorite moments of the evening included serving coffee in nice cups and saucers. The girls were so impressed that we had to take pictures because it looked so pretty. Hopefully Liz will upload the pictures to this blog for us! Another favorite moment came when Tamami had difficulty understanding the pattern she was knitting from. She loves Japanese patterns which are easier for her to understand. But it was Huguette to the rescue to aid in understand while Liz and I were the cheerleaders chanting "TA-MA-MI....TA-MA-MI....TA-MA-MI....TA-MA-MI....."
Unfortunately I had a weak point in the evening and now I have the title of "designated crier". Great. I'm such a dork!!

Above Tamami is working on her beautiful green top from Interweave done in bamboo yarn. Huguette is working on...hmmm...I think she was trying to learn how to knit the continental way.

The photo on the right shows Liz (in grey) working on her scarf, and I am working on a shawl.

Here are some of the kids watching TV in my bed with the dog. I specifically didn't take out the red eye (or green eye in case of my dog) because I like the way the kids look possessed. This is what a mother's yarn addiction does to her children and dog!

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