Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Happy Dance

Yes, as I sit here and type at 10pm my toes are tapping under the desk, my booty is wiggling in my chair, and my head is bobbing up and down. No, there is no music playing...this is just my natural state right now as I count down the hours to SCHOOL STARTING tomorrow morning. You see, I have 3 boys who have been home for the entire summer. In addition, I started a daycare 2 1/2 years ago and during that entire time I have always had my twins home during nap time. I look forward to nap time. The house is quieter. The little ones are recharging their batteries, and I look forward to a few moments of peace. However, that is usually not the case with my 3 active boys around the house. This will be the first year that they will be gone for the majority of the day. will be so nice! I can almost hear the deadening silence already. Peace, quiet,'s almost mine!

I had such a great time at the last Knit Night, but I do have one issue. After the fun and festivities were done, I found this on my counter...Now, I know for a fact that the money is not mine because of the following: 1) I never have that much cash! 2) If I ever get that much, I spend it immediately for fear of someone else spending it for me. 3) My kids or husband never leave money around for fear that I will spend it! Therefore, I have to conclude that someone from the Knit Night left it on my counter. What the heck is that for? Am I now the yarn ho and this is payment for services? Will you pay me everytime that I cry because there's a lot more tears in me! Alright phantom money giver (and I know who you are) the game is on. This will be returned to you someday, somehow.

Oh, before I forget, I wanted to mention that our friend Huguette seems to have misplaced her knitting mojo. She just turned around and it was gone. If you accidently picked it up, please return it to her. She really would like to get some satisfaction again from her knitting. However if you took it, the Designated Knitters will hunt you down, tie you up with yarn and beat you with 12" needles! If you return her mojo immediately, no questions will be asked!

Thank you!

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