Friday, June 08, 2007

Night Out with Girls

Erin, Huguette and I had a date last night. Guess where we went...

I wish they had planned this event on weekend, but I guess with Yarn Harlot's compressed book tour schedule, it just had to be on a Thursday night. I hurried home, picked up my son (who really wanted to come with me to see Erin), left him with Charlie to watch another Star Wars, then went to get Erin.

Huguette was knitting away saving us seats at the bookstore in Petaluma, just a block away from our yarn store Knitterly. Gosh, a sea of knitters. They didn't say how many attendance they had, but my guess is more than 300...

This is just the view from my seat, which was closer to the front (thanks Huguette!) It was funny to watch knitters with knitted articles (lots of shawls) on in the quite warm room, fanning themselves with the Harlot's books. And the faces of the unsuspecting bookstore customers coming in! Hilarious.

This was our second time to hear Yarn Harlot speak, after our Los Altos date last year. She was as funny as the first time around. She talked about how misunderstood we knitters are.

Underestimated and misrepresented we may be, we have allies. Lots of them.

We didn't hang around for Yarn Harlot's autograph. We each had one from last year, and that was good. What we needed was food and good company of our friends. We were all a bit stressed from our daily grinds -- I sure enjoyed the time with the girls. I needed that.

Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public day! I will be sure to knit out at the Art and Wine Festival in downtown Novato!

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