Saturday, September 09, 2006

Off to see Harlot

(Don't you just wonder about this title?)

The day was finally here. But not without some suspense. First Erin gets sick on Friday, and Liz's mom too -- Erin recovers on time, but not Liz's mom. We really missed you Liz, and we all hope that your mom will get better soon.

The long drive down to Los Altos feels so short when Erin and I were busy talking and laughing all the way down. I was busy laughing so much that I almost missed the turn onto 280, and it's almost impossible to miss that. Boy, driving under the influence of uncontrollable laughter is dangerous. At least I wasn't knitting while driving.

As soon as we got in the line in front of Full Thread Ahead, Huguette arrived. Perfect. The line was not that long, and we got the very early number for the book signing. Erin, your leg work paid off -- thank you! I got so many compliments on my Lotus Blossom Tank. Kind knitters, they didn't even notice that the first leaf is a total mess. Or they pretended that they didn't see it.

Once we got our number, we were off to our appointment at Pinkies Nail Salon just down the block. This was my first ever for the pedicure at a salon. And it was such a wonderful "first" at that. We all felt so pampered. It really was one of the nicest thing I've done for myself in a long time.

Here, on the right, Huguette and Erin are trying to knit. I was trying hard to stop giggling. We really missed you there, Liz. We have to do this again with you soon!

When we were back at the yarn shop, it was almost like a morning rush hour at a subway station in Tokyo. We all managed to buy some yarn. I don't know about you, but I always have this problem of blanking out on everything I was planning to knit, or the kind of yarn I was looking for. I just hate it when that happens, but it happens every time when I'm in a yarn shop, book store, and hardware store.

It's nice to knit among so many knitters. Three hundred of them. I wonder how many pairs of socks were being knitted this afternoon.

Stephanie is so much funnier in person. Her sock was there, and at the end she was knitting while she talked, without looking at her hands. I can't do that.

At the book signing, she comments about my LBT. Yeah. I'm really glad that I wore that today.

We were in the first group for the signing, and we were done pretty early. Then off to our dinner at Maltsby's.

Their amazing ladies' room. This is the ceiling. In case you misread, it's a ceiling of the restroom of a -- restaurant.

After we were done with the dinner, we were stranded. The downtown looked so quiet -- nothing is open. Gee, we thought Novato was dead. This is deader. Even the Starbucks is closed. But it's Saturday evening, only eight-thirty! There's nowhere to sit and knit! We saw two knitters sitting on the dark and cold sidewalk knitting, and we knew why. We thought about pulling a table and chairs over in front of a brightly lit shoe store, but alas it was too cold. So we walked back to our car, sat and knitted. I saw the owner of Full Thread Ahead walk by, obviously wondering what the heck was going on (or snickering). Reminded us of our teenager days. (Someone said, but the activity was different, but I don't know anything about it.)

I was really looking forward to this outing for the last two month or so, and now it's done and over with. And it hit me. I have nothing to look forward to!!! Obviously, we have to plan a new fun stuff.

Meanwhile, next Friday is our KNIT NIGHT FRIDAY. That's something I can definitely look forward to. Thank you ladies for the fun day, and Liz, we really really missed you! See you next week!


HoJo said...

I wasn't snickering. I was just wondering why you didn't come in and knit in our living room, if you had caught me, we could have added more chairs (after all, we still the had the 350 chairs from out back). Thanks for coming! Oh, and I empathize with the town closing down, I've been trying to convince them otherwise, perhaps events like this will help?

Kemma said...

Ooh! I was sitting behind you at the Harlot. You guys were knitting the coolest stuff, I think I even took a couple of stealth-photos of your knitting. And what a great idea to go off and have pedicures during the lull.
She truly was a hoot to see, and listen to, wasn't she? And so warm and pleasant to talk to in person. Canadians are like that, I'm told. Hee hee.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I posted this comment on the LBT KAL as well, but I saw you last night wearing your LBT but never got a chance to talk to you after Stephanie's presentation. It looked lovely on you! Nice color.

I had planned on wearing my cobalt blue one (it's in the KAL archives), but I thought I'd be too cold in our wacky Bay Area weather.