Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Late afternoon, my cell phone rings. It's never a good sign. A teacher from Mitch's preschool. Not good. Mitch had a hard fall again in the playyard, tripping on the lip that holds the tanbarks in place, and hit his face on the concrete. De ja vu from a month ago. And last week.

It looks worse in person. Will you stop doing this to us, kid? Sure you are a boy and it's your job to get scratched up time to time. But I'm not used to this. I'll never be.

As I arrived, the teacher was holding him down so he could put some ice on Mitch's cheek. Mitch was trying to get free so he could play some more. This evening he looks into the mirror in the bathroom, and says "cool."

OK, enough about the ouchies. Last weekend, I got some cheap felting wool from a local yarn shop. It's not easy to spin -- short fiber, not uniform, lots of nobby debris. But it was fun to spin. So I needed to empty my first three bobbins..... So, as scary was it was, I decided to ply my second and third bobbins.

A spinning book I have says that "learning how to ply is a snap, compared to leaning how to spin." Un huh. It's not easy. So it looks uneven --
some places it's tightly plied, some places it's just two parrarell strings. But I got two skeins, about 80 grams each, and they do look like two skeins of yarn. It feels good.

Knit Night Friday is coming! I'm going to look for a new sock pattern -- the last four pair were done in the same, vanilla design -- and I look forward to finishing the hooded shawl so I can start a sleeveless sweater. And meanwhile I will mull over what to knit with these 160g yarn.

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