Monday, October 02, 2006

Wheel is Turning

The Knit Night Friday was a blast again. The highlight was the Door Prize activity -- Knit a story. Whenever the story being read says "knit," you knit one stitch, "purl," you purl. "Back" and "Frog," you undo the last stitch. At the end of the story you will "read" your story and see if you got it right. Hats off to Erin's creativity (Erin, please post the whole story here) -- it made us laugh so hard! How often you knit while you cry (because you are laughing hysterically)? And great door prize -- orange and green skeins of beautiful wool/alpaca blend yarn, for knitting pumpkins on Thank you Liz! But, felting alpaca? Hmmm... I'm not sure if I'm brave enough.

I am done with the hooded shawl, but I've since decided that I need to put some trimming around the edge. Although the pattern doesn't call for the trims, without them the edges roll. So, a few more hours on it, then it'll be ready for the blog appearance.

Huguette shows off her "a pair of socks in one go" magic. How cool. The socks have some intricate cable patterns too. I'm just very impressed with her meticulous and detailed work. She'd never allow herself to leave the mistakes I'd just choose to ignore.

I have some great pictures of the kids at Knit Night, but since the big boy has objected his photo being on the blog, so I'll keep them on my camera -- I will use them someday to blackmail!

I finished up spinning the cheap felting wool, and I plied them over the weekend. It was short fiber and not carded, so it was nobby/slubby/easy to break. But I love the way it turned out.

I used pinkish and blue wool, and randomly joined them while drafting. While plying them, I confirmed what I suspected the last time I plied -- plying yarn is an ultimate display of "Murphy's Law." While spinning, I unwillingly slip a large slub (okay, a lump) on my yarn. I hope that when I ply, the other yarn that meets the lumpy part is relatively thin so it'll even out. NOPE. The lumpy part is destined to meet up and plied with a lumpy counter part. At the exact place. So the result is double-lumpy. The scary-thin parts are the same way. It will meet up and plied with another two-fiber thin yarn. I am convinced. Murphy's Law in action.

This is not a high-quality wool, so I can't knit anything that comes next to my skin. Maybe a purse? A pillow? I think I have about 100 grams.

Mitch has met R2D2 at Sharper Image. Now he's a big fan of Star Wars. We should've known....

The fall is here -- it's been cool. Better hurry up and knit up some warm stuff! Meaning, we need more Knit Night Fridays!

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