Sunday, October 22, 2006

Third Sock?

I finished my lace socks.

I wore them last night, and I love the way they feel on my sole. The last four pairs were done in sport weight, and although I love the warmth and how fast they knit up, I almost feel the stitch definitions on my sole when I walk on the hardwood floor. This one, knitted in fingering weight, I don't.

Punky really likes the socks too.

After producing the pair, I still have a chunk of ball left. It's still retaining the ball shape. That's a first...

According to Charlie's new digital gadget, the knitted socks weigh 61 grams, and the leftover ball weighs 32 grams, without the ball band. I've recently discovered, after Charlie's gadget acquisition, that total weight of the yarn listed on the ball band includes the weight of the ball band. So, 93 grams of yarn in knitted and unknitted, a gram of ball band, the rest is scrap yarn?

Doesn't add up.

But, it at least means that I have enough yarn left to do the third sock. I wonder if that's a good idea, in case I lose a sock? Wouldn't it be a tragedy to be left with just one lace sock? Or shall I do a pair for Mitch? Honestly, I'm not looking forward to do socks with size 1 needles right now. My needles are warped after all that K2togs. They need a rest.

Maybe I pair this up with another fingering weight? A solid color should be good, a bright yellow to tone it up. I don't have any solid color fingerin weight in my stash. That means, a trip to a yarn store. Hmmm....

Huguette finished her pumpkin at Knit Night Friday. Erin's done with hers too. Failing grade on me on the pumpkin project. I'll shoot for the Halloween 2007, unless the alpaca yarn turns into something else.... Poof.

We had a great weather over the weekend. The problem is that the weekend was too short.

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