Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Whackeded It'ed"

Very very early this morning, before three o'clock, I walked back into the bedroom in the dark and ran into the corner of the bed with my knee. Hard. I felt my knee buckled. It doesn't look swollen now or even badly bruised, but I'm limping around. According to Mitch's newly discovered English, I've "whackeded it'ed."

I've starteded a new sock. And it's not vanilla.
Don't zoom in on the photo -- or you'll see the numerous errors. The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit, one of the skeins I got as my birthday present from the Designated Knitters. I really like the way the stripes zig zag in this pattern. I didn't realize that until I went several stripes with this yarn, as the pattern in the book was done in a solid color.

This is a fingering weight, and this is the first time I knitteded socks with this weight. The last four pairs were in sport weight. I do feel the difference in speed... and the effect of the thinner needles. Doing K2tog with size 1 hurts. I hope I won't break any needles before I finish this pair.

Oh my knee hurts. (Today is Charlie's birthday -- Mitch sang the happy birthday song perfectly by himself. Good job baby!)

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