Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bonus Knit Night and Angels

Erin was off to Reno last Friday night, and the rest of the Designated Knitters had a bonus knit night at Erin's. We all felt like teenagers having a party while parents were away! Fun, busy night was had by all, working on projects (Huguette - Jay Walker Socks, Liz -- blanket and hat) and contemplating on the next ones. So many nice things to knit, so little time. And I of course showed off my newly-spun yarn.

The kids did a dress rehersal for Halloween. I actually have a great movie of the umpire running, but it doesn't look like I can post a movie file here. Too bad -- it's hilarious. Oh yeah, Halloween is coming -- I should make something for Mitch... and the time is ticking.

On Sunday, we went to the City to watch Blue Angels. It was a perfect day for the Angels to fly. I think Mitch enjoyed it, but I don't think he quite understands how marvelous their flying skill is. Getting out of the City was a crawl. I knitted happily while Charlie drove and Mitch napped. Knitting makes everything better.

Back to knitting stuff -- I am about to start the toe decrease on the lace sock. I haven't broken any needles. I'm done adding the trims on the shawl. All I need are the buttons and the button holes.

We have a regularly scheduled Knit Night this Friday -- Knit Night every week is wonderful.

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