Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sound of One Hand...

Knittingwise, it wasn't an exciting week. After the lace socks, I couldn't decide on which pattern to knit, so I pulled out another pair of Knit Picks Parade and started vanilla socks again. Boring, but I need a sock project all the time for the commute, long phone calls and a round or two between a bite to eat. That kind of knitting requires mindless projects, and vanilla socks are good for that.

Moll is not progressing well. I feel like I'm avoiding it.

On the other hand, Knit Night Friday was exciting.
Naomi finished weaving in ends of her socks --

And the prize activity was to knit with one hand.
It was Erin's idea, but she regrets it.

Huguette won.

Liz also had exciting news. She signed on the house -- a whirlwind closure that only took nine days!! Amazing.

Harry Potter meets Cinderella. How exciting.

I might be the only one that didn't have any exciting news. Sigh.

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