Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beware of Knitters Inside

Halloween is coming.

Our house is full of pumpkins, bats and spiders (organic and inorganic). Some ghosts too.

I cannot believe that I forgot to give out the goodie bags. But otherwise it was a fun Knit Night again. It was a debut night for Naomi, who dug up her UFO (unfinished object) socks from three years ago to join us.

Unfortunately Liz couldn't be with us because of a new development with her venture -- house hunting. Good luck, Liz. Don't get stressed out!

I made an error in yesterday's post. The pattern I started is called Moll, not Molly. It's my very first pattern with cables. The pattern is not easy to read, and I got through the first stumble with the help from Huguette, but I made several errors anyway, which of course I discovered 5 rows later. Huguette and Erin reminded me the "drop a stitch and dig up your crochet hook" fix that Yarn Harlot was describing on her blog. It's a bulky weight, and would be a good one to try the trick on. I'm just very cross that I didn't take the pictures of the before and after! Worked like a charm.

I found a blog by a gentleman who beautifully knitted Moll. He says that this was his first cable project too.

We went pumpkin patching today in Petaluma. Mitch ran into his best friend at the preschool, and they had a great time together, darting all around the patch. Exhausting to try to keep up with a couple of three-year olds.

After leaving the pumpkin patch, we headed to ... Downtown Petaluma for some yarn shopping. I got some nice buttons at Knitterly for my hooded shawl.

I love this store. Today, the place was full of the gorgeous Alchemy yarn. So beautiful, but so $$$. For now I just adore how they feel on my palm, and daydream...

I'm so proud that I didn't buy any yarn today. Just great sets of buttons. I haven't decided which ones to use on my shawl. I'm so lucky that Charlie and Mitch are so yarn-shopping friendly. Thank you, boys.

Tomorrow I'll get serious about the Halloween costume. Worst case we'll just run to Erin's!

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