Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ok, so I haven't posted for a while. Ok, so I really don't have an excuse except for the hordes of munchkins that take over my home everyday, and in the evenings the big munchkins (my kids) take up a little bit of my time as well. Enough of the excuses (my Dad always says "Excuses - friends don't need them and enemies don't believe them.") Here's the update complete with photos.

Before knit night on Friday, I finished the baby blanket for Dylan (a son of a co-worker from my previous life). The blanket did not turn out as expected because when I washed it the whole thing stretched width wise - yikes! Anyway, here's a pic of what it looks like folded up. Unfolded, it's not rectangular and not real pretty!

We had a great time knitting together on Friday. I know that Tamami already posted about it, so I'll just add some pictures.

Here is Tamami opening up her birthday present of wool and sock yarn. Hmmmm, I wonder what she'll make with this...

Here is Liz opening her belated birthday gift. She received some Cascade 220 and sock yarn. We'll get her to knit socks yet.

Can't wait to see the new projects on the needles next knit night ladies!

After the birthday presents, we jumped right into our prize puzzle. It was a crossword that I made online specifically with knitting terms, our kids names, our current projects, etc. It was fun to make, but the girls thought it was a little too hard. Sorry!

Liz is trying to figure out the clue of "Wood, metal, plastic or bamboo". The answer... needles.

Huguette finished the puzzle first and won the prize! It was 3 skeins of soysilk in "her color". Here she is after opening the package.

After some fun, it was finally time to start knitting. A little while later we took a break for dessert and coffee. The dessert was from our new favorite bakery, FlourChylde Bakery in downtown Novato. We had the Pure Chocolate Tortes and the Rustic Lemon Tortes - yummy!!!

I also thought I'd update everyone on my works in progress. I am working on my first sock and a feather and fan shawl. Here is a photo of the shawl so far.

And, here is some help that I am receiving on my shawl, although I'm not too sure I want the help!

On Saturday the Designated Knitters are going to see the Yarn Harlot in Los Altos. We're really looking forward to seeing her, buying yarn, getting pedicures, going out for dinner, hanging out with our friends and, oh yeah, KNITTING!!!

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Tamami said...

Your shawl looks beautiful! You are so brave to let the little one touch it.