Monday, September 11, 2006

Somebody Stop Me!

Tamami just keeps posting, and posting, and...

I'm running out of the batteries. I'm on my new laptop, but I didn't bring the power supply (the one from the old laptop doesn't work). I have about 60% of the battery left. My digital camera's battery just ran out, so I'm charging that one. I need to download the photos from the camera before the laptop dies. (Insert Jeopardy's theme)

Another suspense. I am about to finish the first sock for the pair I'm knitting for my mom. She doesn't have an access to internet (I know, I know) so there's no risk of ruining the surprise. Anyway, I'm using Telemark, one of the new yarns from Knitpicks. I've found out in the hard way that it's not enough to do a pair, unless you go very short and small. Do you think I have enough, or do I have to buy another ball to make a pair? (Jeopardy again) Place your bet at the comment link.

As promised earlier -- my spinning photos. Here's my first and second bobbins, and the third in progress.

See the improvement?

And lastly, here's the DeStash link I was talking about at the last Knit Night Friday. There are some bargains there right now. And now that we are the proud blog owners, we can post there too!

OK, that's all for now :-) Good night!

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Lizzy said...

Hi friend... love the painted toes sticking of your lovely new socks!!!