Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From Toronto

I never thought I'd be blogging while I'm on a business trip! But the hotel charges $10 for the internet connection per day, so I feel like I should use it.

The flight was nice -- it was not full, and that has not happened to me for the last three years. I knit, knit, knit while I watched "Inside Man" for the second time. A good movie -- and my favorite actor is in it.

I keep thinking about Mitch and his big bump on the forehead. Yesterday at Erin's, he was so happy to be running around in the backyard, he tropped and fell forward, gonking his head on the concrete pad. Why is that kids never do that on a soft lawn? It has to be on a concrete. Always.

Mitch cried hard for about a minute, and sat on Daddy's lap with ice on his head for two minutes. Then he was ready to play some more. We were not.

He had done the same at his preschool just a few weeks ago. Can't you get enough, kid? Are you just going to keep torturing us?

OK. That's all for today.
I may post a picture of my second sock tomorrow, if I get a free internet connection in Montreal...

Oh, by the way, there is a great new bookstore at SFO. I went in to look for the Fall Issue of Interweave Knits, being excited with the idea of reading it all the way -- No such luck. Oh well, I guess the knitting community is still small. It means no yarn shop at the airport. Darn.

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