Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring Full Swing

Spring is ...

Here in full bloom. The fragrance is mind-boggling. Bees buzzing around.

And here. Just the prittiest season in our backyard.

I finally got up enough courage to spin the brown pencil roving my spinning teacher Nancy gave me last year.

The fiber is fairly short, and very curly, making the spun yarn amazingly springy, stretchy and lofty. It amazes me every time I spin new fiber -- the fact that each one requires different way to spin, and different yarn it produces. For this one, I needed to put in a lot more twist. Almost no predrafting was needed.

I'm pondering now what to do with this single -- I can ply this with the dandelion yarn, or ply it with the hibiscus yarn. All of these are about 20 - 30 grams, so by plying them together, I can have a longer yarn... If I tried to ply them with its own kind, the length will be 1/2. I really need an idea on how I can use these small skein of hand-dyed handspun. Any suggestions?

I've dyed more wool last week with just dandelions only. It went really well, and I have those now to spin. Or I might wait for another Little League baseball game and collect more flowers and dye another batch. Too bad that you have to use fresh dandelion flowers -- they can't be dried.

When I was picking dandelion flowers, Mitch asked, "Why are you picking them?" My reply; "Oh, I'm cooking dandelion soup." Mitch: "Again!?" Hope the other parents didn't hear our conversation.

My boogie vest is going well. I hope it's big enough for me though! I'm going to Toronto again soon, and it means that I should start a pair of socks. I know which yarn I'm going to use, but which pattern?

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Elle Kasey said...

That fiber is giving those glorious flowers a run for their money, it's luscious.