Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No One Can Stop Her Now

Oh my gosh. Our blog queen Liz debuted, blogging away. Five posts in three days! Way to go Liz!

Mystery Dye Hint #2

What dyed this wool? So far, the votes from the readers were: Saffron, Mustard, Tea, Green Tea, Lichens, Coffee, Chocolate, Cedar Bark.

No right answer yet. One of the answers is partially right, but it's missing an important ingredient. Someone gave me the correct answer, but it was given to me orally so it doesn't count!

It's dyed with a food item. Caffeine free. It smelled pretty good while dyeing it.

I spun some of this fiber over the weekend...

These are some of the roving I got on eBay recently. Beautiful roving, great price. I think the seller (yarn1merch2) is quite new on eBay, and I hope she does well.

On the other hand, the other eBay merchant I bought from was pretty bad. She sent me the fiber more than two weeks later I paid for it, after four email inquiries. The wool is full of veggie matters, and greasy. I don't think I will ever buy from her again.

Huguette is now interested in spinning -- at last Knit Night, Charlie made a spindle with Erin's old CD and some bits Erin found in her garage [it was an amazing job!], and Huguette was off spinning! She has placed an order for a Golding Spindle (the same one I got). I'm so excited to have another spinner in the group! Maybe we'll change the name of the blog to Designated Spinsters :-)


Erin said...

Decaf coffee?
Herbal tea?
Heck, I give up!

Liz said...

Decaf Tea - herbal tea.. but I think Erin already posted.. darn it!!! Green decaf herbal tea???

Regardless who wins... this sure is fun!!!!!

ikkinlala said...