Monday, February 26, 2007

"Washing Life" 3

We took a hike to the waterfall at Vichy Springs Resort property. Supposed to be an easy, mostly flat hike.
The path ran alongside the bubbling brook. How long has it been since you listened to the soothing sound of the creek? I can't even remember...

Spotted a little creature. Can you tell where he is?

And another. In fact, we spotted many of these black salamanders on the trail. Mitch said "they must be fambily (family)."

The trail was pretty unstable and difficult at times, but Mitch handled it very well. At the end, we had to give up before we got to the waterfall -- but we still had fun. I kept thinking about my childhood memories -- there were small creek and a pond near my elementary school. We often played in the water (and mud) catching crayfish. I hope my son will get to make similar memories.

We found another trail on the hill.

After a nice hike, we were all hungry!

Next day we said bye-bye to one of the most beautiful places we've visited. I thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend -- the problem is that it wasn't long enough!

On the way out of the city of Ukiah, we of course made a stop at the yarn shop -- Heidi's Yarn Haven. Mitch came in to show off his hat that I knitted for him, getting compliments as he usually does at any yarn store. The lady at the store told us about Mendocino Fiber Festival -- I think it's in September. This year for sure we are going!

My recent acquisitions --

The left is what I bought at Heidi's Yarn Haven, Mountain Colors hand painted yarn. Middle -- the first yarn I got at DeStash; Three Waters Farm hand painted yarn. The right -- my handspun, Bubble Gum!

I'm so proud of this handspun. I think I did a good job.

What to knit? I keep looking for small projects to do with my handspun -- just too little to do anything other than socks and scarves. I should try to spin in larger quantity.

I need another vacation!

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