Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Washing Life" Trip: 1

We call it "Washing my life" in Japanese -- when an event makes you think that you've just laundered your life fresh. I felt exactly that on this trip we made on the Presidents' Day weekend.

First we drove up 101 N to Sebastopol, then took the local road to the coast to Bodega Bay. Drove up the coast to see the Lighthouse at Point Arena. The weather was amazing, and it was calm and mild. Very few motorists on the road, and we enjoyed the scenic drive.

Mitch: "I want to go home! Are we going home?" Me: "Nope. We are on vacation!"

Our first destination was Fort Bragg. I've only been there once, about 17 years ago. The town of Fort Bragg was much nicer, vibrant, and clean. I was able to reserve just one night at a hotel right by the ocean. The view was amazing. I took the boys out for a walk on the beach.

The photos look hazy, because it was hazy -- misty. It was calm, warm, and nice. The sunset was breathtaking.

I didn't have a chance to do any reserch on Fort Bragg before the trip. So I asked the hotel manager for a good restaurant in town. I got several names, and went into the first name we spotted on the list. Mendo Bistro -- "the best crab cake" voted by SF Chronicle. "The best" doesn't cut it. It was the bestest.

The restaurant is situated on the mezzanine level of a historical commercial building on the main drag. You can see the first level below you as you are seated. There's an empty store space in the middle of the first floor, enclosed by glass walls.

Charlie: "Wouldn't that be a perfect spot for a yarn store?" Me: "I was just thinking that myself!"

Mitch: "Let's go back to number two and number one!" Our room number was 21.

Later that evening back at the hotel, I looked up yarn stores on the phone book. I found one. Hm? The address look familiar. It is the same building Mendo Bistro is in! They must have been in that space we were just talking about, and have gone out of business. Oh, sigh.

Next morning, I decided to go back to the building to make sure I didn't miss the yarn store. No signage of a yarn store. Went to the cafe on the first floor and asked about the yarn shop, and they said; oh yeah, they moved. Off we go, in search of Navarro River Knits in their new location!

They are now located in a small slot in a new'ish mall. I of course liked the old building location, but the owner of the yarn store said that the building leaked rain and they lost so much yarn. The store is cute and cozy, and I found some interesting yarn and fiber -- I was glad I brought my spindle to the trip.

It looks like I hit the limit of the photos again? I can't add any more pictures. I have much more to show and tell -- To be continued.

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