Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spinning Bubble Gum

Don't these yarn remind you of bubble gums?

I got the wool from eBay. This is from the seller I was talking about earlier -- she sent me the fiber more than two weeks later I paid for it (I always pay the same day I win the bid). It was described as clean, ready-to-spin hand-dyed romney (correction made on April 9 -- this was Cotsweld, not Romney). "Very little veggie matters, they will just shake out." Nope. It was greasy, full of VMs, matted and tangled. I ended up washing it twice, and carding it before spinning.

Yes, I am having fun with all that. It's a great practice for carding, and it is a lot of fun to go from the matted fiber to nicely spun yarn. I'm just disappointed that the seller didn't present it as such. "You'll enjoy the yarn-making process with this hand-painted raw wool. Carding required before you can spin." Honesty counts.

I'm thinking that I might knit socks with this yarn, but it may be a bit scratchy. It would be a cute pair of Easter Pastel socks though!

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