Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I need a break...

It's been pretty tough. Just way too busy at work. Too many problems. Yuck.

It means not much time spent on my wheel -- even though I'm completely in love with it and what it produces.

Even if my mint green roving and the spun yarn on a bobbin reckons.

My modified Boogie vest still awaits to be completed. The mystery of three missing stitches on my sock remains to be a mystery. I have never kept a sock on needles this long, untouched.

I've been trying some more natural dyeing -- I started to make a dye bath with apple tree bark before I left to Toronto. Finally yesterday I bathed wool in the pretty pink bath. It looks pretty when it's in the bath, but when I lift it up and the dye drains off, the wool is just pale tan color. Reminds me of the Black-eyed-susans failure. Bummer.

My baby has a bum thumb. He fell with a drinking glass in his hand -- although, very fortunately, he didn't cut his hand, he bruised his thumb to the extreme, and his thumbnail is about to peel off. I can't bear to even look at it(hence no picture) -- I just have to cry every time. The doc says: "You have a boy. This isn't going to be the last time." Oh, thanks for the reminder.

Mitch (before his bum-thumb incident) had a great time at his first soccer practice.

It was raining and cold, but he was still fully engaged and loved everything about it. He didn't want to leave the field after the fun session.

Lucky kid -- the poor bum thumb aside -- I never had such opportunities to play sports or do anything when I was growing up, outside school or what my mom could teach me. Like knitting and sewing that I learned from my mom.

I've been trying to plan a business trip to China and Japan since last year. It's becoming clear to me after three cancellations and re-booking that I just have to give up on China -- just fly to Japan, do my business and come right back. Alone. BUMMER.

This is so wrong.

I think I have to give a long and hard look at what I'm doing. The little guy at the soccer field agrees with me.

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