Thursday, April 12, 2007

Enhansing Stash

I really shouldn't go browsing on Ebay. I bought some mill-ends roving from this seller called yarn1merch2 in February. Her fiber was wonderful and the price was great, so I kept going back to her store -- and here's my second purchase, just arrived today.

It's beautiful mint-green superwash wool. I bought six four-ounce rovings. I love this fiber, and I love this seller. She's very honest and transaction is fast! Nice to find a seller like this. I hope she does well on Ebay.

I am out of empty bobbins, so I'll have to wait until another batch of bobbins to arrive from Yarn Barn of Kansas. I can hardly contain myself.

Here's my boogie vest, almost done with the front piece.

See how wobbly the stitches are? It's because the yarn is wavy from being frogged from a 20 + years old UFO. I probably should have either washed or steamed the yarn after I ripped it, but I actually like this "textured" look. It does look very hand-made. It's looking like the yarn is finally being worn!

I am leaving to Toronto Sunday afternoon. I am hoping that I'd get to go to Lettuce Knit while I'm there. But I don't need more yarn or fiber! I mean, I want it, I need it, but I shouldn't.

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