Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 1 and 2

Day 1 (of my 6-weeks sabbatical): yesterday.
I drop off my son at the preschool, as the owner of Camp Erin is on vacation. Mitch was missed at his old school, and as much as he misses Erin's boys, he's happy to be back with old pals again.
I drive to the pool (it's 54 degrees!) and put in 40 minutes lap (with lots of breaks in between). Water is so clear, and the way the steam rise up in the air was so beautiful.
I come home, do the laundry, hang them out in the back yard, ignore the ocean of fallen plums, wrap the baby gift to be shipped to Japan, and then Mitch's swim class -- the rest is a blur. I remember counting nine empty bobbins for my wheel and thinking it should be enough for the Intensive.

Day 2: today.
I drop off my son at the preschool, his "girlfriend" comes up and gives him a huge hug, I drive to the pool (it's 68 degrees) and there are 6 lap swimmers in the water. Amazing -- there are usually only one or two.
I put in 30 minutes with lots of breaks in between. I stop by FlourChylde Bakery, get some sweets I need to eat before I start painting the dining room. I taped just one section of the room, thinking that one quart that I had was just enough for the wall, but it turned out to be enough to do three sections. So I tape, paint, tape some more, paint, move stuff, paint... One more wall left for tomorrow, after I go get more paint. Take Mitch to his swim class, pick up three bucket full of fallen plums (oh such a waste), and the rest is a blur.

I did go to Lambtown last Saturday, breaking my fiber diet a day after I made it. I enjoyed last years visit so much, I just couldn't stay away. It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment this year. The venue had changed, and the fiber vendors were all indoor. It was a bit dark, crowded, and more like the California Wool and Fiber Festival -- where I bought very, very little.
I'm sure it was great for the vendors to be in the shaded (darkish), air-conditioned place, but it wasn't for me. Colors are hard to see, and I felt claustrophobic. I guess I really am an out-in-the-sun type of person -- I tend to buy a lot at Farmer's Market, and I only enjoy swimming outdoor.

Tomorrow -- Swim, paint, swim class, cook dinner. Blur.

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