Thursday, July 17, 2008


4 more days until my sabbatical.
11 more days until the Intensive.
Ahhh I should get busy!!

I finished my heartbeat sweater -- finally! This is the second try on the neck edging. It could have been a little wider edging, but I'm not going for the third try.

Just in time with the FO, Just One More Row's website has come back! I may order another pattern sometime soon.

Here's what was on my wheel just two days ago; Lisa Sousa's hand-dyed merino, "Bird of Paradise" colorway.

Huguette got this for me from Stitches West 2007.
Heard that space-dyed roving never looks the same when it's spun. It's true.

Looks even more different when it's plied.
I was contemplating on going to Lambtown this year again, but I've decided against it -- despite my heart's desire. I have enough fiber to last me for years, and with the Intensive and trip to Japan coming up, I have no money to spend on more fiber. Maybe Mitch and I will go to the beach, if it's warm...
Or I should paint the dining room. I've painted the guest room last weekend, and I should keep the brush going!


Stefaneener said...

Sometimes saying "enough" is the way to go. Nice spinning even if you were a bit surprised at the outcome. The neck looks good.

I am with you on the fiber diet thing. I don't get more until I spin up what I've got.

Karen said...

seeing yarn like this makes me want to start spinning again! It's so pretty. Judith is coming to Bellingham for 2 days in November....I just signed up yesterday so I better get my wheel out.


Tamami said...

Hey Karen -- thanks for coming and leaving a comment. Enjoy the class with Judith -- I wish I were there!
Some things you should definitely bring -- camera, notebook, and some ziplock bags (small and large).