Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dear Huguette

We've knitted together
Shared ideas together
Much more than just knitting
In our regular sitting

We shared our thoughts
Shared our laughs
Bared inner threads
We dared and bought
(more yarn)

We'll miss you more than you know
With no one who can show how
Cables, decreases, mosaic and wow
You are still our Master knitter now

Dear Huguette, never forget
We will always knit together
Have a webcam and gather
Every chance we get

Dear Huguette, never forget
In two years if you aren't laughing at best
Pack up and rocket
Yourself back to the West

(Don't laugh; my first rhyming poem in English!)


Erin said...

Damn made me cry!

Huguette said...

Omigod-- Tamami, you are too sweet (and talented! ;o)! Thank you for the lovely poem, and for being such a wonderful partner-in-knit! Your work is always such an inspiration to me. I will miss knitting with you all, my dear, dear friends (but I'm still not thinking about it. Not. Thinking. About. It!!) -- promise we'll at least knit virtually between now and our sock cruise in 2010, right?! Just remember, knit happens! =o)