Monday, July 07, 2008

Action Packed

We had the whole July 4th week off from work. What a treat -- I managed to reserve a local camp site (Samuel P. Taylor State Park) for three nights, so even though it was a bit inconvenient for coinciding with Mitch's swim class (it was a must for this summer for the water safety!), we decided to go for it. We even "borrowed" a kid from Erin.

(Oh No What Were We Thinking!?)

Our site was among beautiful redwoods and right by the creek. We enjoyed evenings by the fire pit, roasting marshmallows. Falling asleep listening to the soothing sound of the creek was wonderful.

It was a bit on the chilly side -- although there was a great swimming hole, it was too cold to jump in. But we thoroughly enjoyed the clean, serene water.

Coho salmon and steelhead trout come up this creek in the winter time. I'd love to come back to watch.

Mitch and I went to the Fourth of July Parade at Downtown Novato on the 4th. Next day was the County Fair for two of us, where he met a Storm Trooper! I'm sure he was on his way to his break, but he was kind enough to stop for a Kodak moment. Thank you!

Oh yes, knitting. I've FINALLY finished the heartbeat sweater.

Heartbeat Sweater by Just One More Row, with hand-dyed silk noil also by Just One More Row. Used about 800 yds, US 6. I love blue, but now I'm not sure if I still do.

Before the neck treatment, the neck opening was way too large. So I decided to knit extra edging, putting in more decreases. And what do you know, the neck opening now is too small!

I think I'm going to unravel the neck for two ridges and see how it looks. But for this evening, I am on my wheel, spinning like a mad lady. Pictures next time.

Boy coming back to work has never been so difficult! I still have a guest room to put together, dining room to paint, and the supply to pack for the Summer Intensive! The list of the things to bring just arrived, and it looks like I am packing the whole camping gear and more.

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