Saturday, July 28, 2007

Uh Oh.

So we went to Lambtown. My first Fiber Fair experience. I was so excited.

Fiber everywhere.
And yarn everywhere.

Spinners too.

Lots of interesting wheels...

Kromski, I test drove this one at Carolina Homespun booth.

The Fair was pretty small, but I had to go around and around every booth to decide what to buy. And what did I ended up with...

Ashford Joy. Happy Happy, Joy Joy. (What have I done?)

As I was picking out the Jacob...

Several spinners (I'm assuming) walk by, muttering "No More Fiber, No More Fiber..."

I can totally sympasize. Now I need to go buy another Rubbermaid container for the fiber.
After coming home, Charlie decided to warp his loom. Mitch helped.

And I finished a ball of purple sliver I bought at Knitterly in Petaluma.

Very fiber-rich weekend, so far.


Stefaneener said...

I hope you enjoy your Joy. That's so funny -- I didn't hear anyone saying that, although I walked past many buyers announcing cheerfully, "I'm back!" when they walked into a booth.

I did the shark-circle a lot. Your pictures are beautiful.

がみ said...



Tamami said...

安い手軽に手に入るWheelをということで作り始めたらしいです。コンパクトだし、軽そうだし、いいですよね。 Joyは、次回車で家族旅行に行くときに持っていこうと思ってます。日本行きにも持って行きたいところなんですが、無理かなあ~

こはぎ said...

もし行ったとしたら、朝から晩までびっちり いることになるでしょう(笑)