Thursday, August 02, 2007

August is for...

July definitely was a spinning month for me. The wheel rested until the 10th or so, but after that it was on Turbo mode.

I spun this much! It's about 900 meters total, in 2-ply.

The skeins on the left look blue in this picture, but this is the purple wool I was spinning the other day.

I made two singles from a wool 100% roving and a wool-angora (I think) blend roving, then plied them together. I had never spun an angora blend before; it's very different from corriedale and romney that I'm used to. It spun up a bit lumpy and fuzzy, compared to the other smooth and even single. The plied result was a warm and lofty yarn.

I'm still in love with the Fleece Artist wensleydale.

Super-long and shiny fiber. I bought two braids, 50 grams each, but I have 120 grams of yarn. Them Canadians are generous.

So as you can see, I've been crazy about spinning. I've even spent a few hours by my sewing machine to sew a spinning apron (my lap gets really fuzzy after spinning). I'm not sure what August is going to be for me. I should get out some FOs, but my spinning fever has not gone down. I have a trip to Japan planned, I'm seriously contemplating taking my Joy with me.

Charlie's done warping the loom. It looks like a rainbow pride flag, but it's actually a color-study blanket. It amazes me how long it takes to warp a loom, and how much patience it takes. Definitely not for me... I'm always after an instant gratification, and that's why I don't knit big stuff!

Knitters are coming to knit tomorrow! I can't wait. I hope Mitch behaves at school so I don't have to ground him (meaning, no Knit Night).

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