Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pink, Dammit!

After failing with the apple tree bark dye, I was determined to turn the drab beige roving into pink. But it's a known fact that pink is hard to get from natural dyes.

Fine. Kool-aid is natural enough -- well, it's non-toxic at least.

There are several ways to dye with Kool-aid, apparently. I used the microwave method, without vinegar.

First squeeze the Kool-aid on wet wool, wrap it in the plastic wrap, and zap it.

After the wool is cooled, wash it with a little dish soap.... until no color comes out in the water... the instruction says. I see no color washed out in the water. Not at all! No mordanting, no modifier, no shimmering over two days, and the wool is so undoably pink. It took less than an hour for the whole process!

So I achieved Pink.

Some people feed this stuff to kids!?

Happy 4th, everyone.

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