Monday, March 19, 2007

Mom's Broadripple

I finished Broadripple socks for my Mom last night, as planned. Unfortunately, it was just a few yard short of being one-skein socks.

Just half-an-inch more to go on the toes for the second sock! But I had purchased four skeins of the same yarn (since I'm used to the notion of two 50-gram skeins to knit a pair), so no problem --

This is my second pair of Broadripple. This time I used Knit Picks Dancing (fingering, 50 grams/253 yards) and US 2 DPNs. Since the original pattern is designed for Fixation (which is thicker than Dancing) and US3 DPNs, I modified the pattern a little -- I added two stitches in each repeat of pattern, making it total of 64 sts, instead of 56 sts.

Fits comfortably on my foot. Hopefully they fit my mom's too.

As I mentioned before, I just love this pattern. The pattern designer Rob Matyska says he's working on "Broadripple 2." I can't wait!

This is the third pair this year -- well on track for my goal of a dozen for the year!-- but knitting adult socks with fingering weight can be tough. After the gusset decrease is done on the second sock, the rest felt like never-ending!

I forgot to bring the copy of pattern for 64-sts heel turning to Montreal, and Charlie kindly sent me what I needed via email. Thank you!

Mitch taking pictures of the socks with his camera. My future knitting blogger.

I'm again project-less. I want to knit something other than socks for a while, but what should it be? I keep looking, but I still haven't found a vest pattern that I want to knit.


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Cute Broadripples! I really enjoyed this pattern when I made mine in STR Sock Candy.

Did you know Rob has a fingering version available if you ask him? He used to have it on their Threadbear site for free til some cheating eBayer sold Rob's pattern as his own.

Tamami said...

That's terrible about the pattern thief. What a shame. Hope it won't discourage Rob from creating new designs.
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, Stilaholic! I ppreciate it.