Thursday, March 08, 2007

Flower Season

I start feeling sad when the cherry blossom season arrives.

Cherry blossoms have a special place in our hearts. When we say "Flower," it means cherry blossoms. When they are in bloom, I dread the time that passes so quickly, taking the flowers with it -- I feel like I should be standing below a cherry tree, admiring the flowers for every second of their lives.

We have a cherry tree in our backyard. It bears blossoms later than the other trees around, and it's whiter. Every year I grow more and more affection for it. I think it's the most beautiful cherry tree, although I'm afraid that it may not be a real cherry. Just don't tell me it isn't; because it would still be my cherry tree.

When the petals start covering the ground, I grieve.

I have been trying to go to Japan during the flower season for the last five years, and every year I fail. It's always about work. Someday I am going to regret it.

I'm knitting another Broadripple socks in Knitpicks Dancing. This is going to go to my mom.

My mom turned 71 this year. I know this would be a bit on the "young" side for her (especially in Japan), but I decided that this colorway is perfect. She started taking a ballet class, and she just sent me a photo from her dance recital... and she was in a tutu! (Calm down, a long tutu.) I'm so proud of her. It seems so appropriate that I knit a pair of lacy socks for her in "Dancing" yarn.

I love this yarn! It's stretchy and soft. Very nice to knit. It's really too bad that Knitpicks discontinued it.

I've been itching to knit a vest for myself, but can't find a good pattern that would go well with yarn in my stash. It can only mean one thing. I need more yarn!!

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