Friday, March 16, 2007

Coming Home

I was in Montreal again for the most of this week. It was a tiring trip, as usual. I just can't sleep for the first night every time I go to the other coast, so that makes me even more exhausted. At least it wasn't as cold as the last visit to this city.... There were still lots of snow left on the street, but I didn't need a winter coat. People kept telling me that it's spring -- it's warm. To me still, snow on the ground and "warm" don't mix.

Right in front of the hotel.

La basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. Photo courtesy of my colleague Ken (thanks!).

On Wednesday, my afternoon meeting got cancelled, so for the first time on my fifth visit to this city, I finally had a chance to go venture out to find a yarn store. I marked the map, hailed a cab, then I realized that I left my camera at the hotel -- I'm just not destined to take photos of yarn stores, I guess!

Since I never drive in Montreal, I'm not yet well oriented around town. I got off the cab and looked around, then laughed to myself when I found the restaurant "Joe Beef" that my friend took me to in January. It's a great restaurant -- but very hard to get a table.

Mouliné fils de qualité is on the next block. Very small, but well stocked and cozy. Big end-of-season sale was going on, but I was the only customer. I went around and around in the store so many times. The kind owner let me be. Got some angra, and some muted green superwash. My friend has asked me to knit "socks in sage color." I hope my definition of sage green matches hers.

Maybe it's because of being in East Coast, but there were lots of European brands. The skein with the wooly sheep on the label is English. And the light lettuce green is my very first Phildar. I also bought some yarns from Norway -- Garnstudio. I can't read the ball band. Yeah.

I have a lot of thinking to do about my work -- I knit while I think (I knit, therefore I am?) I plan to finish my mom's dancing socks this weekend. Perhaps I'll do so under the falling petals of the cherry tree, to make up for the missed flower season.

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