Sunday, March 25, 2007

Four Hobbies, Altogether

Knitting. Not much to show yet, but I cast on a Boogie vest on Friday. I'm using yellow wool 100% yarn that I frogged a 20+ year old UFO (unfinished object). It's a very simple design, and the back, which I'm on now, is just stockinette stitches all the way. Kinda comforting right now. After the never-ending fingering weight socks, I can use this for a while. I have an itch for a summer cotton sweater though -- I will take some time to decide which one, as it's very likely that I only get to knit one summer sweater!

I realized that I forgot to post my socks number two for the year.

Garter Rib Socks, done in KnitPicks Parade. DPN size 2. Very warm, snug and comfy, and these are for me!

Spinning. At Friday's Knit Night, I was telling Liz about recycled sari yarn, and remembered that I had a blue-gray large men's silk shirt that neither Charlie or I have worn. I can torn it in narrow strips and ply -- Saturday morning I looked for it in the closet, and then realized that I had just given it away to Goodwill. Agh. Cleaning your closet just doesn't pay off! I will be more careful next time I get an urge to de-clutter.

Gardening. I've been spending fair amount of time in my garden lately. I've spent some money to buy the plants I had always wanted to have. Camellia. Lemon. Star Jasmine. Peony. I figured that I should enjoy them now -- no more waiting for the right time to come.

Apple has started to blossom. Soon my wisteria will start blooming -- I love spring.

Dyeing. Yesterday, Mitch picked some dandelions from the front yard and gave them to me. Then I looked around -- oh my. Our front yard is speckled with yellow flowers all over! They are very short so the lawnmower doesn't catch them. I started to pick them and then realized that I had a small bowl-ful of flowers. They went into my dyepot, and this morning I went for another sweep. I think I have about 150 flower heads. Let's see if this would produce anything significant...

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