Monday, March 05, 2007

1,000th Visitor!

Before anyone entered the "When will we have the 1,000th visitor?" contest, we've just had her visit! It was much sooner than I thought.

Visitor's Time: Mar 5 2007 2:35:29 pm
Visit Number: 1,000

This person's ISP is Verizon, and she uses English version of Windows XP, and Firefox.

Erin, is it you?

Thank you for those who visited our blog so far! We've had visitors from all over the world. Keep coming!

Erin, Huguette and Liz -- thanks for the souveniers from Stitches! You shouldn't have :-) I love them. My stash containers are now too full to close. I'm in trouble.

Spring is here. My cherry tree started to blossom. I'm afraid that I will be in Montreal again when it's in full bloom.... Even the thought of missing the blossoms for work is killing me.

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