Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hats for Da'Boys - Christmas in February?

Okay, so I had this bright idea that I would knit hats for Da'Boys. Four boys. Aren't they handsome boys? YES! They are!

If you will remember, I already posted about the pattern. The Boy Hat in a post a few weeks ago called -Mad Hatter

Well, I have made great progress. I have completed 3 of the four hats.. and the last one I am just about at the decrease. Oh and about those decreases, I am getting pretty good at my SSK, if I don't say so myself! So it looks like we will have Christmas in February this year!

I used Cascade Heathers for two of the four hats and Cascade 220 for one (Balls & Skeins). LOVED IT! I believe the pattern and this fiber is a perfect match!

I also used a Hemp Wool for one of the hats - the black one in the middle (Stitches West 2008, Hemp for Knitting). I really loved the feel of the fiber and enjoyed knitting that one up. If I was to do it again, I would use a smaller needle to have a tighter looking fabric. I used an 8 and really I think a 7 or maybe even a 6 would have been great. The pattern has enough give that I would probably not need to increase the cast on or if I did not by much. If you have never knitted with Hemp or Hemp Wool, I VERY much recommend it. I think once you do, you will forever be in love with the fiber! Without a doubt, I will be visiting the Hemp booth at Stitches West 2009!

And now for something totally unrelated... Nicole got a hold of Sean's motorcycle helmet the other night... I think she just might have a little "hat" fetish too?

Whatcha look'n at Mamma? The funny thing is the helmet was so heavy she had a hard time walking around with her head up straight, yet, she didn't want to take it off. Our little biker girl!Got me to thinking that I just might need to find a helmet hat pattern... oh my! More hats? Makes me want to jump up and down from the joy! Off to Ravelry in search of a new pattern or three! You can check out my pattern queue anytime.. See you online! ;-)Liz

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