Friday, January 09, 2009

Mad Hatter!

I am MAD for hats these days.. I can't seem to get enough of them. I seek out and find hat patterns, find yarn that would make the perfect hat.. and yes, as strange as it sounds.. actually cast on and knit hats!

I have a new pattern I am MAD for.. a very simple yet, may I say, PERFECT hat pattern. The pattern knits up very quickly and the finish project looks great. Here is a link to the blog.. it is a free pattern. I found it on Ravelry (of course!)

So far I have knit it using some Cascade Heathered yarn, in a Camo brown/green color. And I did another in a Black Hemp/Wool mix (I just have to weave in the ends - I will post again because there are some noteworthy comments about the use of this lovely yarn and the pattern).

Let's talk about my finished project. I used Cascade 220 Heathers - brown. It is sort of a CAMO look, brown but hints of green along the way. I think it turned out GREAT!

The only issue I really had wit this has was on the decreases. You can't really see the problems from the pictures - so the good news is no one else will notice them .. aside from me! I will try not to get too picky when I see him wearing it! I am doing something wrong with my SSK - so my thought is I will watch a video on and keep making hats until I have a perfect SSK!

I say, if you want to make a great hat for a boy or a man or heck even for yourself - do it trying this pattern!

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