Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Hat & Fingerless Mittens

Have you ever picked a yarn that well... just made you feel happy when you saw it, touched it? Yet, it isn't really something you would expect to invoke such emotions? This is how I felt about this lovely little lime green - The Alpaca Yarn Co., Snuggle, #6878 Pucker AKA HAPPY GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! It doesn't make sense, I know. And I didn't just buy 1 skein, no, I bought like 4! On two different trips to my LYS Balls & Skeins in Sebastopol.

It was just one of those things. Then also unlike me, I cast on straight away, that very night. I asked my 7 year old daughter if she liked the yarn and she said she LOVED IT! Well, that was all it took. That yarn never even hit my stash. I found the perfect pattern, my new favorite hat pattern because I can use whatever yarn I happen to have in hand - paired with whatever size needles and wah-la.. I have a recipe for a great looking, pretty hat! The pattern is from Ann Norling #54 Spiral Rib Hat by Song Palmese and again I love it!

Now, all of you who know me, I take a very very long time to complete a project. I only have 1 project going at a time and it takes me a while to complete. Well, I even surprised myself on this one.. I was finished in two days! So quickly that I wasn't finished with the yarn, so I quickly cast on matching fingerless mittens. I took the pattern repeat and with my best guess I cast on and created the mitts. I think they turned out GREAT! Nicole wanted LONG fingerless mittens.. so I just kept knitting until they met her liking. You know I liked them too! I finished the pair in two evenings, they knitted up so quickly. I then decided to crochet a flower for the hat and crochet a finishing on the mittens.

I still have more Snuggle left in my stash, I am thinking about casting on for me! This was the perfect project because I learned that when I am inspired, I really can create and finish a project with ease. So, the project is finding the right project and the right yarn AND to be inspired! Of course, it doesn't hurt when I find myself working with the softest and happiest yarn ever.. and knitting something for my daughter who is so happy to show off to her friends at school.

I will be posting more FO's, as I have had great success with another hat pattern that I must share! Meanwhile, I wish you HAPPY YARN as part of your every day! ;-)Liz

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