Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cure for a Hang Over?

Needless to say, I woke up this morning with a raging hang over! Wine and I do not mix! So, I started my morning slowly, got my hair cut & colored.. best haircut and color I have had in years and years.. that made me happy.. despite my upset tummy and pounding head - oh yes, and the parking ticket for an expired meter!

So, what is a girl to do? How about visit her Local Yarn Shop? Yep! Just a few doors down from my new hairdresser is the LYS Castaway ( - visiting was a must!

The shop is lovely! Open, bright and full of wonderful fibers. The selection is amazing and the feeling of the shop the same. I left with a little bag of cheer - also known as blue sky alpacas Organic Cotton - 2 skeins in hot hot hot pink (color 617) and two in an off white (color 80). The shop owner had them right at the front of the shop, I was taken the second my eyes spotted them.

I also left with a class schedule .. I think it would do me good to take a class or drop in on Knit night.

Tonight I checked for ideas of what to knit up with my new stash item, and found wonderful FO's, seems this is a pretty popular fiber! I must have great taste! ;-) I am thinking of knitting up a hat using the Cloche du Bois pattern on Ravelry. You know how much I love hats and a crochet flower, I am head over heals!

So, to summarize... best cure for a hang over? Visit your LYS and pick up the prettiest fiber you can find, then cruise Ravelry and pick out the perfect pattern! Yep. That's my story and I am sticking to it...

Oh.. and sorry Erin for the drunk dialing! You were a good sport.. and sorry for inviting you to all these crazy groups on Rav... I was in the zone! - oh yeah, and had WAY too much WINE! I shouldn't be left home alone! ;-)

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