Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Ann Norling #54 Spiral Rib Hat by Song Palmese

I made this one Ann Norling #54 Spiral Rib Hat by Song Palmese using a very lovely with Mirasol Yarn Miski- off white... probably the softest fiber on earth! The hat is sooooo pretty I want to keep it for myself.. but I this one is slated for Ashley.

As you may notice, I made a mistake part way on the hat which gave it a different look.. a longer faux cable look, I think it is pretty anyway! The hat took about 1 1/2 skein - so I have a little left over which I will use when I create my next miski project.

I was thinking I should make fingerless mitts, but I think the yarn is too soft and might end up piling, so maybe a scarf or cowl. Of course that would require another trip to Balls & Skeins for more, right? Of course, I could just shop at Lizzy's Stash... where I have a lovely light purple Miski just waiting to become something lovely.

I really recommend the Ann Norling pattern, easy to knit up and easy to make variations, intentional or not.

Hats, Hats, Hats.. Can't get enough! ;-)Liz

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