Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Perfect Pageboy Hat - NOT


I started with pattern #415 perfect pageboy by lanaknits design hempforknitting.

After frogging the hat no less than 8 times, I gave up! I loved the yarn - double stranded - it was a lovely color combination and amazing fabric, but I just could not get the pattern - left twist, right twist, needless to say I was twisted into a knot!

So, instead of giving up on the whole thing, I decided to make the hat using the parts of the pattern that I loved, the “seed” stitch, which amounts to alternate rows of (k1, p1) for about 12 rows. Then I just knit the rest of the hat, until the hat reached about 5 1/2 ” in total.

I then followed the pattern a bit on the decrease until it was time to break the yarn and pull it tight. Before I knew it I had a lovely little hat - I started a brim to add to the hat as the real pattern suggests, but as I worked on it, it really didn’t feel like a good idea, because I was loving the hat as it was so much, it didn’t need a thing more… I hardly want to part with…

The great news is I finished the project, I love the fabric, I love the color and I love the fact that I didn’t give up just because the pattern didn’t work for me at my level. My plan is to hand the pattern and the yarn to one of my “Designated Knitter” partners in crime and see how it turns out. I plan on knitting this hat by the pattern some day, but for now, I am loving what is now considered a FO! ;-)

Here are my supplies.....

US 8 / 5.0 mm
Hemp for Knitting #209 Hemp Wool
0.5 skeins = 240.0 yards (219.5m)
Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6
1 skeins = 165.0 yards (150.9m)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzy,

I found you through googling our company...
I'm SO sorry you had difficulty with this pattern! We offer complete pattern support so you can call us on 1.888.301.0011 or email us at anytime & we'll get Lana (designer) to talk you through any questions or concerns you have with the pattern!