Thursday, June 05, 2008

Things You Never Learn

Liz posted! Whenever other Designated Knitters post, I do a double-take, happy one.

The house is finally dry. This is the midst of the mess we just went through!
We have found the cause of the flood. The hot water intake hose for the washing machine had ruptured while we were gone, and since the laundry room is on the same level as the first floor of the house -- it should be in the garage, which is just six inches away -- about 80% of the first floor was under water.

The cost of cleaning up, drying the carpet, replacing the padding under the carpet, and cleaning the carpet was over $2,000! For a measly $15 hose. And the PG&E bill hasn't come in yet, and it will definitely be monumental.

Lessons learned:

1. Check often and replace the washer hoses. Come on. $15 or $2,000+ ? How much yarn could you have bought with $2,000? (The thought is killing me.)

2. Laundry should be in the garage. Period.

3. Yarn should be stored in the good, sturdy, plastic tubbies with no cracks. This, I was good at. There were no damages to the yarn.

Should probably count our blessings -- this could have happened in the middle of the wet, cold winter, or while we were on vacation!

It's about time someone posted a knitting related photos. Here's how my Heartbeat Sweater is progressing.

I love blue, but this is getting boring, and I'm starting to regret choosing this color.... Lettuce Green would have been prettier.

Despite the fact that the project at work has slowed down, I am not finding any time to knit or spin. I am going to make effort to take time to knit this weekend though -- it's Knit in Public Day! Where are you going to knit?

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