Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Intensive Approaches

Early June, we chauffeured a couple of pre-schoolers to Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. We had never been there before -- we really don't get that south of Marin too often, although it's just 15 minutes away. I was excited for whole another reason -- this is probably 5 minutes from Point Bonita, where the Golden Gate Fiber Institute Summer Intensive will be held in about five weeks!

A blogger in NYC, who knits professionally for Vogue Knitting, and works as a theatrical stage designer/builder, and I have been visiting each others' blogs, leaving comments for over a year. A couple month ago, I dreamt about visiting NY and thinking whether if I could get together with her, and I mentioned about the dream to her. She replied that she was going to come to SF in the summer and may be we could get together in reality. Then I found out that she was also attending the Intensive! I am now doubly excited -- it's great to have someone I know there, as I know I will have a hard time making a small talk with people I don't know. Needless to say, I am so thrilled about meeting her in person!

We have had a very busy two weeks, besides the school trip; Mitch has graduated from pre-school....

And the next day he turned five (coinciding with World Wide Knit in Public Day, and Harlot's Birthday)!

Now he's back to his old daycare for the summer, at Camp Erin. He is having a blast so far. I've gone swimming two mornings in a row, being reminded how much I love swimming. I plan to go swim as often as I can manage. We've made a plan for camping (we have NO camping gear!), and .... it will be a busy summer!


Shelley Voight said...

Hi, I have been search the net looking for others attending the golden gate summer intensive. I am going solo and would love to get to know some people a bit before getting there. You seem like a very acomplished knitting, and I must admit that I hope I can keep up with everyone else. Please feel free to email me at shelley_voight@hotmail.com if you would like to chat a bit. Thanks :-)

Stefaneener said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful! Really. I wish I could go!!