Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Just Got Busier

I don't use my cell phone for work, and I'm not much of a phone person to begin with. So naturally, my cell phone is pretty much for emergency use only, like Mitch's teacher calling me to come fetch him because he's got a boo-boo. So when it rings, it's almost always an Uh-Oh.

Today Charlie called me on my cell to tell me to come home.
"House flooded. Yarn is fine. "
Ookie Dokie.

We moved into this house ten years ago, and we chose this house because it was not in the flood zone. The last house we were renting flooded every winter. I mean, every winter. So this was the first flood in ten years. And it wasn't from the storm; it was from the washing machine, although the exact cause still remains to be a mystery. I'm just glad that it wasn't in the middle of the cold, wet winter.... Mitch was disappointed when he got home, because he was hoping to "swim in the house" after we told them about the flood.

So life got even busier. But while cleaning out the wet stuff in the garage, we tossed out a few of the remaining moving boxes (with stuff still in them!). If we didn't need them the last ten years, we'd never need them. We've finally moved in, I guess! Cleaning to be continued tomorrow...

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Stefaneener said...

Oh I love that you're finally unpacked!