Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life is Busy

I know I haven't been posting, and Designated Knitters never expected to hear that from me. I always enjoyed writing a post -- it was for me, not for anyone else, for the most part. But for the first time I just couldn't find a thing to write about.

The work has wound down significantly, but life remains busy -- the summer approaches, and it means there will be school events, like a school trip and, -- get this -- the preschool graduation! Mitch's birthday is coming up almost simultaneously with the graduation, and I have not decided what to do. Signing up for the swim lessons, scheduling trips, tidying up the guest room (a.k.a stash room) for my mom's visit -- the list grows bigger and heavier, with no progress at all. This stresses me out.

But kids always keep things in check.

Ahhh simple pleasure in life... I thought he'd just wade ankle-deep. He just sits down in the water and we didn't even have a towel! Spontaneity is something we lose as we grow old...

My Heartbeat Sweater is progressing slowly, and I'm fidgety for something new! I'm dying to spin something interesting too.

We had a great time at the last Knit Night. We were shocked to find out that this was the first time that all four of us had gotten together since last fall!!

The Japanese Indigo is finally showing some growth. I am so excited. I need to bring at least one plant to flower so I can harvest some seeds for the next year. Pictures next time.

This is a picture Mitch took on the Memorial Day weekend at Williams Soaring Center. Well done, kiddo.

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Stefaneener said...

Looks like the really good kind of busy. That dog looks just like our Mack boy.