Sunday, May 04, 2008


I think about writing. Then I think how boring my posts would be. There definitely would be a grumble or two about my work. And little this-and-that about my KIPs or other fibering related things. More grumblings about my work.

In two weeks, the half of our current projects will be over. Then in about a month, the majority will be done. Then all I think about would be the six weeks of time off from work. The first week, I'll be off to the Golden Gate Fiber Institute Summer Intensive! Every chance I get, I daydream about which wheel to take, and what projects to bring. My son making me laugh at home, and thinking about the Intensive and the rest of the summer are what get me through the tough, stressful days at work right now. And they seem never-ending.

Good thing Mitch isn't at all demanding about doing things and going places on weekends. We were so beat to do anything fun this weekend, but he was just as happy to tag along to our chores. Just a tiny bit of knitting accomplished this weekend on the Just One More Row pattern. I love this pattern -- it's very simple but it doesn't look easy.

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Ma said...

Hi Tamami-san, We are going to take the same workshop. I am looking forward to seeing you. Ma